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FF #1

I started reading Fantastic Four after I heard that Jonathan Hickman would be writing it. Over the course of his run it’s been one of the books I’ve looked forward to the most each month. When the “Three” storyline started I was a little disappointed. It appeared to me as if killing off The Human Torch was just another one of those cheap attempts to draw readers back into the book. After reading the first issue of FF I kind of understand a little bit why Hickman would kill the character off. First of all everyone knows that Johnny Storm isn’t going to stay dead, it’s just a matter of time until he returns. I think Hickman killed him off to act as a catalyst for the new direction he wanted to take with the book. All of the characters, particularly Sue and Ben have been strongly affected by Johnny’s death. There is no Fantastic Four anymore, now there is the Future Foundation. Since Hickman has taken over the book he has been about taking the Fantastic Four into strange and exciting directions, and the beginning of this new series is no exception. Spider-Man joining the team is a welcome addition. The shocker ending definitely makes me want to pick up the second issue. I won’t spoil anything from this book but if you like the FF at all the last page is reason enough to pick up this book. I’m excited for this new direction and can’t wait to see more of The Thing and Spider-Man beating up on baddies and exchanging quips. The story is good, the art is good and the book is good. I give this one an A -, pick it up.

Joe Richey