Yu-Gi-Oh Constructed Tournament

Gotham Comics will continue its tradition of holding a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  This years tournament will be an Advance format constructed tournament on Saturday the 23rdstarting at 12 noon.  The current limited/ban list will be enforced so be sure and check the official Yu-Gi-Oh website before building your deck.  Your main deck must be a minimum of 40 cards and a maximum of 60 cards.  You may also have a side deck of up to 15 cards and an extra deck of up to 15 cards.  You must also bring a complete deck list with you the day of the tournament.  The cost for the tournament is just $4.00.  Spaces are limited so call, e-mail or stop-in and register today, advance registration is strongly suggested.  Build your deck, make up your list, sign-up, then be here Saturday the 23rdat 12 noon ready to play, have fun and maybe win some cool prizes.  If you have any questions about the rules or to sign-up contact Gotham Comicsat 410-848-7447.