Yu-Gi-Oh Constructed Tournament

Since last month went so well we are going to do it again.  Gotham Comics will be holding another Advance format constructed tournament on Saturday April 13th at 12 noon.  The current limited/ban list will be enforced so be sure and check the official Yu-Gi-Oh website before you make your deck.  Your main deck must be a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 60 cards.  You may also have an extra deck of up to 15 cards and a side deck of up to 15 cards.  You must also bring a complete deck list with you the day of the tournament.  There is no cost for this tournament but spaces are limited so advance registration is strongly suggested.  Build your deck, make your list, register then be here Saturday April 13th by 12 noon ready to play, have fun and maybe win some cool prizes.  If you have any questions or you want to register call, e-mail or stop-in.