Return to Ravnica Block Draft

Gotham Comics' 10th Anniversary Celebration rolls into June and our focus turns to the most popular card game out there today Magic: The Gathering.  The celebration in June will start on Saturday the 1st at 12 noon with a DCI sanctioned Return to Ravnica block draft tournament.  This is your chance to play with all three of these incredibly popular sets, Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash and Dragon's Maze all at the same time.  The cost is just $13.00 even, so don't miss out on this chance to play, have fun and maybe win some cool prizes.  There will also be a participation promo card for everyone who plays in the tournament.  Spaces are limited so advance registration is suggested.  As a special bonus we will be running a sale on all Magic items and card supplies.  That will include turning back the hands of time to ten years ago when Magic booster packs where just $2.99, fat packs where $24.99 and whole booster boxes where $89.99.  That's right for one day only select booster packs, fat packs and whole booster boxes will be on sale for the same price they where ten years ago.  Supplies are limited so don't miss out.  If you have any questions contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447.