Magic Game Day

Gotham Comics will be holding a Magic Game Day event on Saturday March 1st starting at 12 noon.  The Magic Game Day event will feature a Standard format Magic tournament.  That means you can only use cards that are printed in the M14 Core set and the Return to Ravnica and Theros blocks.  Yes, if you have an older version of a card that is printed in one of those sets it is still Standard legal.  Everyone who comes will also have the opportunity to take the next step on the Hero's Path by facing the dangers of the Horde.  You and your friends will be able to use your Standard decks and Hero cards to face the onslaught of the Minotaur Horde.  This is your chance to play, have fun, get some cool promo cards and maybe win a prize if you are good enough.  The cost for this event is just $6.00 so build your best deck, sign-up and then be here Saturday March1st by 12 noon.  Spaces are limited so call, e-mail or stop-in and reserve your space today.  If you have any questions contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447 for more information.