Legend of the Five Rings Demo

Tired of Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh and WoW try something different like the "Legend of the Five Rings" CCG.  Set in the mythical Empire of Rokugan you build a deck to represent one of the 9 great clans of Rokugan. then chart your path to victory using personalities, followers, items, spells, rings and strategy.  You can win by crushing your foe militarily and conquering all their provinces or you can just gain enough honor in court.  There is no cost for this demo and it is open to everyone just be here by 1pm on Saturday December 15th and you can give the game a try.  We'll have veteran players on hand to teach you the rules and walk you through games.  The first 18 people to show up for the demo will receive a free "Legend of the Five Rings" deck and everyone who shows up for the demo willing get 10% off everything they purchase that day.  So come in learn a cool new game, have some fun, get a free deck, then saving 10% on whatever you want in the store.  What more can you want?  If you have any questions contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447.