Hero Clix War of Light Tournament II

The second in the War of Light series of tournaments kicks-off Saturday July 26th at 12 noon.  This will be a pre-constructed tournament with a 600 point build total.  This is your only chance to play, have fun and get your hands on some cool limited edition figures and special objects.  The cost for this tournament is just $3.00 plus tax.  Spaces are limited so advance registration is strongly suggested.  The special rules for this tournament are as follows.  You may use only one of any named figure but you can use as many as you want of any generic figure.  You may not use feats, battlefield conditions, event dials, special objects, relics, resources, team bases or vehicles.  At least one of your figures must have the Green Lantern team symbol printed on their base.  At the beginning of the tournament one of the figures on your team that has the Green Lantern team symbol printed on their base will be chosen as your team leader.  If during a game that figure is removed from the map for any reason your whole team is considered defeated.  If you have any questions about the tournament contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447 for more information.