Hero Clix Quest for the Soul of Airis

On Saturday October 17th starting at 12 noon Gotham Comics will hold the most exciting and unique Hero Clix tournament we've every hosted.  Prepare yourself for the most fun and challenging Hero Clix tournament you've ever played in.  The fate of the known universe hangs in the balance in this treasure hunt capture the flag format game.  The objective is simple, retrieve a special object from the field and return it to your starting area where it must be in the possession of one of your characters at the end of your turn.  The objective is simple but the task will be difficult and deadly.  This will be a 400 point pre-constructed tournament.  You can use only one of each named figure but you can use as many as you want of any generic figure.  You may not use resources, relics, special objects, feats, battlefield conditions or event dials.  Your team must be based on a single team symbol or non-generic keyword.  If you base your team on a keyword no figure on your team can have a team symbol that is different then the chosen keyword.  The cost for this tournament is just $3 plus tax.  Spaces are limited so don't delay sign-up and reserve your spot today.  If you have any questions or to sign-up contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447.