Hero Clix Halloween Tournament

With Halloween just around the corner Gotham Comics will celebrate the holiday by holding a special Hero Clix tournament on Saturday the 28th starting at 1 pm. You will be using five of the Undead Hero Clix gravity feed packs to build a 400 point team. You may also bring one figure with you to augment what you pull from your tournament packs. The figure you bring must possess at least one of the following keywords: Monster, Monster Society of Evil, Robot, Scientist, Skeleton Army, Skeleton Crew, Vampire Brood, Werewolf Pack, or Zombie Horde. You can only gain a benefit from one of these keywords and no other keywords. The keyword you choose must be stated at the beginning of each game. The cost for this tournament is just $10 plus tax. Spaces are limited so advance registration is suggested. If you don't sign-up in advance you can still get in on the fun if there are spaces available, just be here ready to play by 1 pm. If you have any questions contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447 for more information.