Hero Clix Civil War Finale

The next Hero Clix tournament at Gotham Comics will be on Saturday October 29th starting at 1pm.  The Marvel Civil War between the heroes isn't over just yet.  Choose pro-registration or anti-registration faction then build a 500 point force.  You can only use characters from the Civil War set along with the Capt. America: Civil War set and starter.  Over 50% of your characters and points must be from the faction you chose.  The remainder of your force can be made up of nonaligned characters.  You may not have any characters from the opposing faction.  A character's faction can be determined by the color of their base, black is nonaligned, blue is anti-registration and red is pro-registration.  This is your chance to play, have fun and maybe win some cool limited edition figures.  The cost is just $6 tax and all.  Spaces are limited so advance registration is strongly suggested.  If you don't sign-up in advance you can still get in on the fun if there are spaces available, just be here by 1pm ready to play.  If you have any questions contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447. for more information.