Hero Clix: Battle for Crime Alley

This is it, the last stand against the forces of Killer Croc and how fitting that this crucial battle should take place in Crime Alley.  One of the other gangs of No Man's Land must win this secondary location in order to prevent Killer Croc and his gang from taking over all of Gotham City.  If you have not played in a No Man's Land tournament it's not to late but time is running out.  There is no cost for this tournament just build your team, sign-up and then be here no later then 6pm on Friday April 12th ready to play, have fun and determine of fate of Gotham City.  The build total is 600 points, you can only use DC characters, you must have your gang leader on your team and you can not have any other gang leaders on your team.  You may use a utility belt if you have one.  All other standard house rules apply.  If you have any questions or to sign-up call, e-mail or stop-in.  There are only a few spaces left for this tournament so don't delay.