FNM Legacy Tournament

Our final FNM in November will be a Legacy format tournament and will be on Friday the 16th at 7pm.  This officially sanctioned event should be great fun for everyone because in this format you can use cards from any set or edition.  There is a ban list for this format so be sure and check the official Magic website before you build your deck but other then the cards on that list you can use any of those great old cards you always wanted to use but never could before.  The cost for the tournament is just $10.00 plus tax, so if you want to play be here by 7pm ready to have fun and maybe win some awesome prizes.  As a special bonus the winner of this tournament will also have a chance to buy a Return to Ravnica Selesnya pre-release pact at its original price of $24.99.  If the winner does not wish to purchase the pack each player based on how they finished in the tournament will in turn have the chance to buy the pack.  If you have any questions contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447.