Anachronism Tournament

Anachronism is continuing its come back here at Gotham Comics as more and more new people discover this game that pits histories greatest warriors against each other in one on one combat.  This month's Anachronism tournament will be on Saturday May 10th starting at 4pm.  There is no cost to play, you don't have to sign-up in advance or anything, just be here by 4pm with your three best setups ready to play and have fun.  There is one special rule this month, the printed life and experience on each of your warriors can not be greater then 12.  As an example, Julius Caesar with 7 life and 3 experience for a total of 10 is OK but Richard, The Lionheart with 8 life and 5 experience for a total of 13 is not.  If you have any questions about the game Anachronism or the tournament contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447 for more information.