Anachronism Battle for the New World

We're going to begin the new year with a battle for the new world.  This month you must choose one of the nine Anachronism cultures that reached the shores of the Americas and build your three warrior setups only using cards form your chosen culture.  The cultures you can use are Norse, French, Russian, Briton, Aztec, Native American, American Frontiersman, Spanish and PirateThe tournament is on Thursday January 19th starting at 7 pm.  Anachronism is a fun, fast paced game of one on one combat between history's greatest warriors.  In Anachronism you can pit Julius Caesar against Alexander The Great or Ivan The Terrible against Charlemagne in a battle to the death.  There is no cost for this tournament you don't even have to sign-up in advance, just be here Thursday the 19th at 7 pm with your three best warrior setups ready to play.  If you have any questions about the tournament or Anachronism in general contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447 for more information.