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Batman/Doc Savage Special #1

This comic book is the first in DC’s new First Wave family of titles that will be coming out in full force early next year.  Right away let me say that as a stand-alone story this comic book was a dud.  A crime is committed, the characters are quickly introduced, Batman and Doc Savage fight, Batman and Doc Savage reach an accord and then the story abruptly ends.  This left me very unfulfilled and at $4.99 that is the last thing a comic book should leave me feeling.  Really though the short comings of this story should not be a surprise since the real purpose of this comic book is not to tell a story but to introduce the First Wave universe. 
The First Wave universe is essentially an Elseworlds universe populated by a few well-known DC characters, some more obscure DC characters and some classic pulp characters.  Each of the characters that will appear in this universe is being given a fresh polish, by writer Brian Azzarello, so even a character as familiar as Batman, will seem very different. 
If you are looking for a different take on any of the DC characters that are being used or if you are a fan of pulp fiction then it would not hurt to check out this comic book.  It will serve as your first step into a universe you may end up enjoying.  If you don’t fall into either of those categories then I think you can afford to pass on this comic book.  In the end it failed to do what the writer was really out to accomplish.  It did not hook me or pique my interest in the First Wave comic books that are to follow.
Keith Forney