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Iron Man Vs Whiplash #1

I choose to review this comic book because I loved the first Iron Man movie and was looking forward to the second one due out next year.  I have to say after reading this issue I’m not looking forward to it quite as much as before.  I’m sorry but this version of Whiplash just looks awful.  I just have to hope he looks better in the actual movie. 
As for the story it doesn’t get off to a good start and since this is only a four-part mini-series that is not a good sign of things to come.  SPOILER WARNING  The premise of the story is sound enough; Tony Stark is being framed for an attack on a small Russian village.  As a result, Tony is charged with crimes against humanity and must prove his innocence in court.  All the while a survivor of the attack is setting out to seek his own revenge as Whiplash.  END SPOILER WARNING  Now, as I’ve said the premise is sound but the execution is rather ham fisted and leaves a great deal to be desired.  This issue is a quick read that left me unfulfilled.  All in all, while I have read many worse comic books I think it is safe to give this one a pass.
Keith Forney