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Green Hornet: Year One #10

When I reviewed earlier issues of this series I made it crystal clear that I thoroughly enjoyed them and thought they where well worth reading. I’m pleased to report that this issue is no different; it was a joy to read from beginning to end. I can’t say enough about Matt Wagner’s work on this series it seems he has a real feel for the characters and the period setting.

SPOILER WARNING In this issue we get more flash back scenes revealing just how Britt Reid and Kato got ready to wage their war on crime. Wagner tells us, in detail, how they decided what equipment they would need and how they would operate all without slowing the story down one bit. While, in the present we follow the Hornet and Kato as they attack boss Caruso on two fronts. First, they are working on finding a way to penetrate Caruso’s stronghold because only there can they find the evidence they need to bring down him and his criminal empire. Secondly, they are trying to undermine Caruso’s strangle hold on local government. It is on this second front that the Hornet and Kato run into serious trouble. While, sneaking into the mayor’s home to pay him a visit our heroes find themselves ambushed by Caruso’s men. The Hornet is knocked out and Kato is shot. When the Hornet finally wakes up he finds himself tied-up and at the mercy of Caruso’s chief torturer whom we know from past issues is not only very good at his job but seems to like his horrible work a lot more then he should. It is on this cliff hanger that the issue ends. END SPOILER WARNING

This was another great issue in this series and is well worth reading even if you have not read any of the previous issues. If you haven’t you’re missing out so go pick-up the trade paperback. As for me, I can’t wait for the next issue so I can see what happens next.

Keith Forney