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Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing #1

Let me begin by saying that I honestly don’t know if the events in this miniseries will have any significance once DC does its re-launch. A new Swamp Thing ongoing series set in the mainstream DC universe is one of the fifty-two new titles that DC is putting out in September. Maybe that means that what happens in this miniseries is how DC is introducing Swamp Thing in their re-launched universe; then again maybe not.

Setting aside the question of how important this miniseries is to the current or future DC universe and judging it solely on its own merits I have to say it was rather boring. I’m not saying this miniseries is bad just boring and that is despite the fact that it features an interesting mix of characters.

SPOILER WARNING The story begins with John Constantine receiving a message from Swamp Thing that he wants to meet. Now, while John and Swamp Thing may not have always been on the best of terms they are not enemies. With this in mind, John is taken by surprise when instead of meeting to talk Swamp Thing tries to kill him. John manages to escape, with the help of his friend, but is left with some kind of infection growing on his hand. Puzzled by the attack and sensing some kind of change in Swamp Thing John decides to find Swamp Thing before Swamp Thing finds him. This leads John to seek out the help of the, world’s greatest detective, Batman. Once in Gotham City John quickly catches up with Batman and due to John’s rather abrasive personality the two of them come to blows almost right away. Finally, John convinces Batman to help him by telling him that Swamp Thing is behind a recent murder in Gotham City. In very short order Zatanna joins the pair, which does not sit all that well with John Constantine, since the two of them have a history together. Never the less, Zatanna stays and listens with Batman while John lays out part of Swamp Things past and his theory of what has recently changed. END SPOILER WARNING

I like the interesting mix of characters and the portrayal of John Constantine is spot on which should be enough to make this issue a solid read but they aren’t. This issue just lacks any real action which is what makes this issue not a bad read just a boring one. In the end, if you choose to read this issue you could do a lot worse but you could also do a lot better.

Keith Forney