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Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #4

I have fond childhood memories of Godzilla and a whole host of other Japanese giant monster movies and TV shows. It’s because of these found memories that I decided to give the first issue of this series a try. Despite the fact that I really wanted to like it the first issue just didn’t do anything for me. The fact that the first issue didn’t do anything for me didn’t completely turn me off. I know, from past experience, that many times the first issue of a series doesn’t show the series in its best light, so I wanted to give Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters a second shot.

I’m sorry to say, this issue didn’t do anything for me either. My first problem is the artwork by Phil Hester and Bruce McCorkindale. Their simple angular style may appeal to some people but not me. The monsters look OK, not great, but OK. The human characters, on the other hand, are a total bust they look to be about two steps above stick figures as far as I’m concerned. The real problem however is not the artwork, I could let that slide if the story was better, but unfortunately it isn’t. Truth be told, it isn’t much of a story at all. Instead of a story what the reader gets is writers Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh’s views on modern American society. Don’t get me wrong, Powell and Marsh make some very salient points. The problem is no matter how valid the writers’ observations maybe they are not a substitute for a story.

In many ways I feel as if I still haven’t given this series a second shot since this issue seemed to have so little to do with Godzilla. I think the only fair thing for me to do is give this series another try sometime in the near future. As for this issue unless you want to read the writers’ views on our society you can skip this issue.

Keith Forney