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FF #2

I’ll begin by saying that there where only two things I did not like about this issue. Both of the things that I disliked are minor so they should not stop anyone from going out and buying this comic. In fact, I’ll go ahead right away and recommend both of the first two issues of this series. They are well worth reading.

SPOILER WARNING This issue picks up right where the first issue left off with Dr. Doom showing up to join the team. Needless to say, not everyone is happy about this idea, in fact, only Sue’s intervention prevents Doom and the Thing from having it out then and there. With the question of Doom’s joining the team settled for the time being Ben heads off to the neighborhood bar joined by Sue and Dragon Man. Dragon Man’s little revelation at the bar alone is worth the price of the comic. Everyone else turns their attention to helping Doom recover his lost intellect. After some discussion it is Valeria that points out that Doom’s brain needs a reboot. Fortunately, for Doom, a copy of his mind is in the brain of his adopted son Kristoff. I’ll let everyone read the rest of the story for themselves. END SPOILER WARNING

As I stated, at the beginning of this review, there were two things I disliked about this issue. The first thing is the name and number of the issue the previous Fantastic Four series never should have been cancelled and this new series launched. The Human Torch maybe dead (is their anyone out there who does not expect Johnny to return) but this is still the Fantastic Four and doing the launch of this new series was just a gimmick and we don’t need more gimmicks.

SPOILER WARNING The second thing I disliked was when Sue threatened to inflect brain damage on Dr. Doom. This threat has been done to death; it seems everybody who has written the Fantastic Four has used this same threat at some point. When I say this threat has been used before I mean, this very same threat, almost word for word. Come on can’t writers come up with something new to make Sue sound menacing. Besides after hearing this same threat form the Invisible Woman before you would think Doom would have come up with a defense by now making her repeated use of the same threat meaningless to Doom. END SPOILER WARNING

Despite my two little dislikes I still stand-by my earlier statement that this issue along with the first issue in this series are well worth reading. Go out and pick-up both issues and enjoy.

Keith Forney