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Ruse #2

I enjoyed the first issue of this miniseries so much and gave it such a positive review; that I could hardly wait for the second issue to come out.  I’m happy to report that I enjoyed the second issue of this miniseries almost as much as the first.

This issue didn’t give me the same feeling of amazement that the first issue did but that is understandable.  In the first issue the initial mystery is presented and solved all within the first couple of pages and that is what created that feeling of amazement.  In this issue we delve more deeply into the larger overarching mystery and this much more complex mystery could not possibly be solved in a single issue.  While, I may have had to do without that feeling of amazement; the deepening mystery was more then enough to keep my interest.  The most intriguing part of the mystery, to unfold in this issue, is the apparently perfect murder of one of Archard’s operatives.  When Archard is brought to the crime scene he is confident he will find a clue of some sort but when he is forced to leave empty handed the reader is left with the idea that Archard my have meet his match.  The great detective and the reader are both left wondering if the perpetrator my actually be smarter then Archard.

While, I do endorse this issue one hundred present; I will say that if you want to get the most enjoyment possible out of it then start at the beginning of the story in issue one.  This second issue picks-up right where the first issue left-off and you really don’t want to miss any part of this story.  All and all, I enjoyed Ruse #2 greatly and I’m once again looking forward to the next issue.

Keith Forney