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Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament

Saturday, February 8, 2020 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Once, again back by popular demand. The next Yu-Gi-Oh event at Gotham Comics will be a massive multiplayer tournament on Saturday February 8th starting at 1 pm. Everyone plays at the same time but you can only attack the players immediately to either side of you and only they can attack you. Your cards can only affect the players immediately to either side of you and only their cards can affect you. You win a booster pack for each opponent you eliminate. The advance format limited and forbidden list will be enforced. Additionally, no link monsters or automatic win combos, such as Destiny Board or Exodia, are allowed. Any card combination that creates a continuous kill effect will only affect the players immediately on either side of you at the time the combination was created. You don't need to bring a deck list. This is your chance to play, have fun and if you are good enough win some cool prizes. Don't miss out, the cost for this tournament is just $6 even. Spaces are limited so advance registration is suggested. If you don't sign-up in advance you can still get in on the action if there are spaces available, just be here by 1 pm ready to play and have fun. If you have any questions or to sign-up just contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447.

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