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Ruse #1

I decided to review this issue after I reviewed Sigil #1 that issue was so bad and so disappointing that I wanted to give Marvel’s reboots, of the old Crossgen titles, another chance. I’m happy I gave these reboots another chance because Ruse #1 was excellent. If you did not read my review of Sigil #1, last week, let me just say that I did not like it at all but Ruse #1 was the exact opposite I enjoyed every bit of this issue. The artwork was not only well done but it was well suited to the story. The characters are likeable but not shallow at all and Mark Waid’s story was first rate. I especially liked his use of clues and logical deduction to actually solve the initial mystery and at the same time uncover a deeper mystery.

SPOILER WARNING The story begins with, the world’s greatest detective, Simon Archard and his assistant (or partner depending on whom you ask) Emma Bishop at the home of Archduke Ehrlich to investigate a horrific murder. Archard quickly declares it suicide and not murder; the family of the Archduke protests and declares Archard incompetent. In response Archard points out the clues that lead to his conclusion of suicide and then explains that the horrible condition of the body is the result of the Archduke’s valet trying to cover up his former masters cowardly act. The quick solution of this mystery however only leads to the greater mystery of why the Archduke felt it necessary to commit suicide. If you want to know the answer to that mystery I’ll let you read the issue for yourself. END SPOILER WARNING

Two more things to keep your eyes open for in this issue are 1) hints that there is more to Emma Bishop then meets the eye and 2) Mark Waid’s jabs at the Victorian era press although I thinks the jabs are really aimed at today’s press. I really can’t say enough good things about this issue so I’ll just close out this review by recommending that you go out and pick-up this issue for yourself.

Keith Forney