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Magic Commander Tournament

Saturday, August 11, 2018 - 1:00pm to 6:00pm

This month Gotham Comics will be hosting a special Magic Commander tournament on Saturday August 11th, just one day after the new Commander decks come out. This DCI sanctioned tournament will start at 1pm and is sponsored by the YouTube channel, Magic In The Basement. The cost is just $14 with the top prize being a new Commander deck of the winners choice but that is not the only prize up for grabs. Along the way to the top prize everyone can win booster packs by knocking out opponents and by winning games. Everyone who comes will also receive a limited edition promo card just for playing. Spaces are limited, so if you want to play call, e-mail, or stop-in and reserve your spot as soon as possible. If you don't reserve a spot ahead of time you can still get in on the fun, just be here by 1pm on Saturday the 11th, and if there are still spots available we will fit you in.

Now, two more cool things about this tournament. First, you can get $2 off the cost of the tournament just by subscribing to Magic In The Basement on YouTube and leaving a post under their announcement video. It only takes a minute and it doesn't cost anything. Here is the link If you are already a subscriber to Magic In The Basement you don't have to do anything to get the $2 off. Second, if you already are or you become a patreon of Magic In The Basement at any level by the time of the tournament you'll get a second limited edition promo card. This is a great chance to play, have fun, and win a bunch of cool prizes, so don't miss out. If you have any questions contact Gotham Comics at 410-848-7447 for more information.

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